To schedule a FEES, call, text, or email us (located at the bottom of the page).

If you would like to know more about getting FEES to your facility, we do provide in-services, education materials, and research to back up the rational for utilizing FEES. Feel free to call, text, or email any time to gain access to this information.

You can download our quick fact sheet attached to this page! This information was provided by Theresa Richard and the MedSLPCollective. This sheet includes information about

why instrumentation matters,

FEES during COVID-19, and

associated costs! CLICK HERE

Theresa also provides amazing advocacy materials in her blog including:

We don't have X-ray vision: what the research says about the need for instrumentals: CLICK HERE!. 

Gaining support from other professionals and the administration: CLICK HERE!

Cost breakdown of instrumentals and dysphagia related costs: CLICK HERE!

Getting the SNF on board with instrumentals: CLICK HERE!

 Contact us and we will find the best time to schedule your FEES!