Getting FEES at your Facility

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How to get access to FEES

We contract with various facilities, including Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Outpatient clinics, Home Health agencies, and other facilities needing FEES services/working with patients exhibiting swallowing difficulty. Before arrival for any FEES services, both the facility and FEES provider sign a Contract/Service Agreement. We work with each facility to determine  the best agreement for both facility and provider.


Then, all you need to do is call, text, or e-mail to schedule an appointment at:


A Physician's Order will be required to perform the FEES (it can simply be written "FEES evaluation for dysphagia".) Billing is very simple, as the FEES CPT code is considered a Speech Therapy code. We follow Medicare’s Consolidated Billing Guidelines.

We typically can get to your facility within 1-2 business days from your request.. Also, if you are at a Skilled Nursing Facility, SLPs are able to bill the 92526 dysphagia treatment code while assisting with the FEES procedures. There is more information about this upon request. We know this is an important consideration when looking at productivity!

If you want to learn more about trying to get FEES at your facility, feel free to reach out! We can provide you with materials and well as FREE IN-SERVICES in order to help you get your patients what they need. 

Step 1

Determine if your Patients need FEES (feel free to call or text and we can help you out!)

Step 2

  • Read, sign, and email us our Contract/Service Agreement (this is provided and agreed upon before arrival for any FEES procedures)

  • Call, text, or e-mail to schedule an appointment at 870-373-2552 or


Step 3

Refer your Patient via phone, fax or email to schedule the evaluation.

SOAR’s Easy Referral Process Check List

  • Identify the Need for an advanced instrumentation diagnostic evaluation or FEES (Typically this is determined by a Physician, SLP, Dysphagia Therapist, or Nurse).

  • Obtain a Physician's Order - The Physician's order can be written as follows, "FEES procedure for Dysphagia."

  • Billing Info - FEES is a CPT Code 92612. This is considered a Speech Therapy code and falls under consolidated billing. In a SNF, it is illegal for an outside therapy provider to bill on their own in a SNF. The facility is billed by the FEES provider, and then the SNF is responsible for submitting billing for any reimbursement under both medicare part A and B. 

  • Obtain Signed Consent for the FEES using the SOAR "Patient Consent Form." IF APPLICABLE (We can email this to you)

  • Call, Fax, or Email - A Representative from the Facility (typically the SLP, Rehab Director, or DON) initiates the referral for the FEES by calling, emailing, or faxing SOAR.

  • SOAR will contact your Facility to schedule the FEES service.

Preparing for SOAR's Arrival Check List

  • Physician Order is in place and available for SOAR's review.

  • Patient Positioning – Optimal Patient Position is the position they normally would eat their meals in. This gives the most realistic results. For example, if your patient typically eats their meals in bed, then the FEES should be done while they are in bed. If your patient is in a wheelchair for meals, the FEES should be done while in the same wheelchair.

  • Resources - We will bring the following PO trials, if you have additional trials you would like for a patient, please have them ready. Trials include:

    • Thin Liquid from spoon

    • Nectar Thick Liquid from spoon

    • Puree (apple sauce, pudding, mashed potatoes, etc)

    • Mixed Consistency (chopped cooked vegetables, fruit cocktail, etc)

    • Regular Texture (hard solid such as a cookie or cracker)

    • Additional trials with thin and/or nectar thick liquid from cup edge and/or straw

    • Pill simulation

What to Expect Once SOAR Arrives

Once SOAR arrives, we will begin the process to set up our equipment, pre-disinfect, and complete a medical chart review.

At that point we will discuss the FEES service with the patient and complete any further patient prep work, as needed.


Once the Endoscopist has passed the endoscope transnasally, we will manage the endoscope and guide your Facility's Representative through the PO presentations. If appropriate, both Patient and Facility Representative may watch the video on SOAR's laptop.


Compensatory strategies and positioning techniques will be conducted during the FEES to determine the most appropriate diet for your patient.


Once the FEES is completed, the endoscope will be removed from your patient's nasal passage and the Endoscopist will begin the disinfection process for the endoscope. 


SOAR will then review the video and complete a detailed diagnostic report, including PO recommendations, strategies, therapy suggestions, and potential referral recommendations. If desired, you may copy the video onto a USB Flash Drive (Due to cyber security and HIPAA Compliance, SOAR is unable to load Patient information onto any device other than one provided by SOAR.)


SOAR will briefly discuss the FEES results and recommendations with an appropriate Facility Representative and will collaborate with your SLP or Dysphagia Therapist to assist with treatment planning, if desired.


All SOAR Endoscopists are CCC-SLPs and are licensed in your state; therefore, your Facility may bill for SOAR's therapy procedures. 

SOAR will send an invoice for billed services to your facility within 72-hours of service. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly.

Rescheduling or Canceling an Evaluation

In the event there arises a need to reschedule or cancel an SOAR evaluation, please contact SOAR immediately.

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